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Over the last 18 years, Iliyas Daud and the team at Unichem Roskill Village have earned the trust of the local community by providing expert advice at a personal level. We now bring that service to people all over New Zealand

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It is extremely convenient to evade the expense as well as the trouble of stopping at a hospital instead of going to pharmacy..

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Corner Pharmacy is based in Auckland New Zealand. It is the online pharmacy division of Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy which is based in Mt Roskill Auckland. Corner Pharmacy NZ specializes in being the online pharmacy which has a point of difference. It is an online pharmacy online chemist plus also providing a physical presence in the pharmacy Auckland landscape. There are many pharmacies in the pharmacy Auckland region but few provide you with the extra trust factor of having a physical shop where you can rock over if you wanted to pick up something in a hurry or need something exchanged or refunded. The physical shop has been operational for over 30 years and is one of the most well-known pharmacy Auckland institute. Corner Pharmacy is also unique in that, unlike other online pharmacies, online chemist is concerned Corner Pharmacies key attribute is that there are people that you can speak to regarding products or ailments and be guided to the best product. Corner Pharmacy carries a wide range of products and because there are people that you can talk to, they are able to order things for you if it is not already listed in its extensive product range. Pharmacy NZ or more specifically Pharmacy Auckland is going through a huge transition with the arrival of big discount Pharmacies but none can match the personal, trustworthy and accessible pharmacy service provided by Corner Pharmacy can rely upon. Corner Pharmacy the online pharmacy of Unichem Roskill Pharmacy can also accept prescriptions and are happy to send you your prescription with your online orders. Just phone us and we can make your Pharmacy experience an enjoyable one. Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy the physical arm or the online pharmacy or online chemist as some people prefer to call does a whole host of services that you can take advantage of.

The services include: -


Vitamins, of course, bought online pharmacy or in-store

Warfarin Blood Testing

Ear Piercing

Medicine Reconciliation

Flu Vaccination, MMR Vaccines,

Pharmacy Prescribing for certain medicines

online pharmacy or online chemist

Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy and its online pharmacy subsidiary Corner Pharmacy also provide free same-day delivery in the Auckland Central area.  Corner Pharmacy and Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy prides itself in providing first-class service at affordable prices. We will not compromise on service despite pharmacy NZ becoming as competitive as it is. Ultimately people remember you by an outstanding service rather than cheaper prices and shoddy service. When Unichem Roskill Pharmacy embarked on its online pharmacy or online chemist project it was very mindful that the online pharmacy name reflected on its core services and aspirations. Corner Pharmacy was meant to portray an online pharmacy with the same caring and customer focused service as its core assets and values.


Corner Pharmacy is an online pharmacy which has put its reputation on the line. It is unlike online businesses that run from office blocks inaccessible to the public. When you shop with Corner Pharmacy you have the confidence and trust that you can walk into its subsidiary of Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy and get a replacement or a refund if need be. There will be no questions asked provided the reason is genuine.


Corner Pharmacy wants to eliminate the fear out of people shopping online through online pharmacy or online chemist. It wants to be the online pharmacy of choice when people search for pharmacy nz or pharmacy auckland or even online chemist nz