VITAPOINTE Hair Cond. 30g

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To make your hair smoother and give it some extra care by using VITAPOINTE Hair Cond. 30g. It has been specially formulated made up with care and lots of research, the best hair conditioner available in market. Buy VITAPOINTE Hair Cond. 30g now online

 VITAPOINTE Hair Cond. 30g . Buy VITAPOINTE Hair Cond. 30g the best hair care product which is the best hair conditioner available online now. This product has been specially formulated to treat dry hair and replace the natural oils that dry hair needs. It also contains a UVA and UVB light screen for extra protection. Ultraviolet rays can leave the hair dry , brittle , colour faded and lifeless. Vitapointe with UV light screens , filters out these damaging rays and helps protect the hair from colour fading. It acts like an invisible shield and is the unique way to protect all hair types from the damage and moisture loss caused by excessive exposure to the sun. 
Ingredients: Quatenary Ammonium.
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