Vermox Tablets 6 - Orange Flavoured

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Vermox Tablets 6 - Orange Flavoured is the Best threadworm relief for children. Buy Chocolate Chews 4 Treatment online here and get an effective relief from threadworms

Vermox Tablets 6 - Orange Flavoured tablets contain an ingredient called Merbendazole which is highly effective against threadworms. These tablets are easy-to-take and comes in an orange and chocolate flavoured tablets. It also comes in banana flavoured liquid that kids love. 
Active Ingredients: Mebendazole 100mg. 
Orange Flavoured Dosage Treatment is simple. For children (2-12 years) and adults: one tablet per day is a standard dosage. No weight measurements or dosage calculations are required. Tablets should be crushed before giving to children. VERMOX suspension is available for young children. Vermox tablets are sugar and preservative free. It contains saccharin sodium. 
Not suitable for children under 2 years. If you are pregnant, seek medical advice before using this product.
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