Thompson's B Complex Tablets 100s

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Provides a high potency formulation of B vitamins essential for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system Commonly used to provide valuable support during times of stress


      • Helps to support healthy functioning of the nervous system
      • Aids to support the body during times of stress and tension by restoring levels of vitamins B5 and B6 that can become depleted during times of stress
      • Assists to maintain healthy digestive function
      • Helps to maintain healthy eyes
      • Assists to provide extra nutritional support to the diet

Suitable for:

      • Individuals who suffer from or prone to symptoms of stress and tension
      • Those looking to support a healthy nervous system function
      • Individuals who seek a daily supplement to provide additional nutritional support

Direction Of Use:

  • Adults – Take one tablet twice daily (with food), or as professionally advised. 

Actice Ingedients:

      • Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1) 5 mg
      • Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) 25 mg
      • Calcium pantothenate 7.5 mg
        • equiv. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 6.8 mg
      • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 5 mg
        • equiv. pyridoxine 4.1 mg
      • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 5 mg
      • Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 5 mcg
      • Biotin 20 mcg
      • Choline bitartrate 25 mg
      • Inositol 25 mg
      • Folic acid 90 mcg
      • Storage: Store below 30°C in a dry place

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