THIN LIZZY Concealer Cream Enchanted Rose

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THIN LIZZY Concealer Cream Enchanted Rose  is a bee wax formulation which helps to cover dark circles around the eyes, blemishes , birthmarks etc. Cover up all your skin worries with our conceal cream which is smudge and water resistant. Buy THIN LIZZY Conceal Cream Dorothy online here

The special formulation of THIN LIZZY Concealer allows to have a light, simple application with brilliant water and smudge resistant coverage. Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme instantly hides a multitude of difficult complaints including: blemishes, dark circles, discolouration, birthmarks and even tattoos!
May contain titanium dioxide, iron oxide.
How to use:
Wear it, massaging with fingertips. Applying it with a brush will help getting it blended into the skin. Work with one area at a time as it is formulated to set quickly. For heavier cover apply in layers, letting it dry between each application.
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