TENA Pad Lady Normal 12

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TENA Pad Lady Normal are adult incontinence pads with body shaped dry zone. Enriched with aloe vera, it keeps you fresh and dry during those awkward times. Buy incontinence products online here.

TENA Pad Lady Normal 12:
Fresh Odour Control neutralizes odours to keep you fresh and confident throughout your day. Silky soft surface against your skin for an improved feeling of comfort. Body shaped to fit your body perfectly. Single-wrapped for your convenience. The Absorption Zone quickly absorbs liquid while the Dry Fast Core whisks away moisture so that you feel instantly dry. TENA LADY NORMAL: These are specially designed for light to moderate bladder weakness. These soft, comfortable towels offer fast and efficient absorbency. TENA Lady Normal has elasticated sides for a close body fit and extra security. 
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