Standing Urinal

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A clear polypropylene transparent urinal bottle for men, which is portable and easily carried on move. Buy this Standing Urinal bottle online.

Standing Urinal Bottle, are designed specifically to accommodate the male anatomy and are commonly called ‘bottles’. This urinal bottle is very similar in shape and size with a narrowed opening (the ‘neck’) into which the penis is placed. Some have non-spill valves to prevent back flow of urine from the urinal and spillage after use. This work well in most positions as long as you can position the base of the urinal downwards so that gravity helps the urine to flow away from your body. Using sachets of super absorbent polymer (SAP) or attaching a drainage bag to the urinal should also help to prevent leakage. Some men can reach the toilet but have a problem passing urine into the pan either because of a retracted penis or a stream which is hard to direct. If this is the case then a urine director might be helpful.
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