Soov Bite Gel 25g

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Soov  Bite  Gel  is  a  cooling  gel  that  provides instant relief from itching after an insect  bite  or sting.  SOOV Bite  calms  the  area  and  provides  welcome  relief from thepain and  itchiness.  Buy this quality allergy medicine from our store.

This cooling gel takes away the urge to scratch your skin after an insect bite or sting. SOOV Bite 
calms the area and provides welcome relief  from the pain and  itchiness.  Its antiseptic properties 
fight infections.  SOOV Bite  gel  contains  lignocaine  which anaesthetises  the  skin,  relieving  the urge to scratch. Soov Bite Gel is suitable for children and adults.  
Do not use on children under 2 years. Do not use on dermatitis, eczema, anal or genital itching. If 
irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.  
Active Ingredients: 
Lignocaine hydrochloride 3%, cetrimide 0.5%  
Dab onto affected skin up to 4 times daily.
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