Shower Stool w Rotating Seat

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This is a shower stool with a rotating seat on top and its seat is made of plastic and has lightweight aluminium legs with various levels of adjustment and has a rubber foot that gives extra grip in wet regions.

The shower stool with rotating seat comes flat packed, and is easily assembled. The stool legs are made from lightweight aluminium. Each leg has various stages of adjustment, as well as rubber feet to give extra grip in wet areas. The plastic seat can be effortlessly cleaned, and features a non-slip textured surface. The top portion of the shower stool revolves easily for easy access in and out of small bathroom spaces.

  1. Round, tough plastic seat
  2. Full revolving disc on the top of the stool
  3. Adjustable height
  4. Non-slip rubber tip/ferrule


  1.  Modifiable height: 340mm - 520mm
  2.  Seat diameter: 98mm - 102mm
  3.  Max user weight: 120kg
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