Scholl Freeze Verucca & Wart Remover 80ml

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Scholl Freeze Verucca & Wart Remover safely and effectively removes wart and verucca. Buy this amazing foot care product online here.
Common warts have a raised ''cauliflower-like'' appearance and are skin coloured, hard and rough. They usually occur on fingers, the backs of hands and the knees. Verrucas are more flattened, have hard outer edges and often have small black spots in the centre. They occur on the ball of the foot, the bottoms of the toes, or on the heel. Scholl Freeze Verucca and Wart Remover removes warts and veruccas gently, effectively and painlessly. 
Dimethyl Ether, Propane, Isobutane, Propellant: Hydrocarbon 
Not suitable for diabetics or during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not suitable for children under the age of 4. 
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