PROTECH Ear Plugs 114 4pr

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PROTECH Ear Plugs 114 4pr help cancel surrounding noise. Made with non-irritating material, they are soft and light-weight and fit cosily in the ear. Buy PROTECH Ear Plugs 114 4pr online here.

PROTECH Ear Plugs 114 4pr :
Best ear plugs which cancels the sound and helps you protect the ear drum. PROTECH Ear Plugs Super Soft Foam 4 pair • Ideal for women's tiny ears • Soft & comfortable • Great for sleeping or relaxing • Reusable or disposable plugs • Applies virtually no pressure on ear canal • 30 decibels noise reduction • With storage case.
Step 1: Roll and compress into smallest diameter possible. 
Step 2: Insert tapered end quickly into ear canal and hold until fully expanded. 
Step 3: For easier insertion, reach behind head and pull top of ear. Wash before storing in case.
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