PAMOL All Ages Strawberry 100ml

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PAMOL All Ages Strawberry 100ml is used to relieve you from pain and fever. This flavoured medicines is favourite among kids. Buy PAMOL All Ages Strawberry 100ml online here

Pamol® provides gentle, effective relief from pain and fever to children of all ages. Available in orange and strawberry flavours with the great taste that kids love. Pamol® contains paracetamol, a medicine designed to reduce your child’s pain and fever. Paracetamol is recommended for the treatment of children’s pain and fever. Pamol® is not available on prescription of doctor, so ask for it by name at your pharmacy. 
Ingredients: Contains 250mg/5ml Paracetamol Colour, sugar, aspirin, ibuprofen & alcohol free. Also contains methyl hydroxybenzoate, sodium benzoate and saccharin sodium. 
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