Omron HV F-127 TENS machine

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Get relieved from body pain and muscle spasms with a regular use of  Omron HV F-127 TENS machine. It has pre installed 9 automated courses to ease your experience with the machine.

I. 9 Automatic Courses for fast relief from acute pain with high frequency at 1200 Hz. This machine is suitable for pain in the lower back and joints. Machine supports automatic therapy program for 4 regions-shoulders, Sole, Leg and Waist .Select your favourite Massage mode program from tapping, kneading, pushing to rubbing. 
II. 4 Special Modes to select desired level of stimulation. Level of stimulations are combined with Auto therapy Modes for better effect. Soft Mode: This mode treats with gentle stimulation. Effective to recover from fatigue and muscle ache. 
Repeat Mode: To repeat your favourite stimulation and massage modes. Point and Wide Mode- Treats a small or wide area respectively 
Balance Adjustment- For emphasis of therapy on red or white sides or both. 
III. Washable pads comes with long-life. We supply all omron products as well as parts.
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