Omron HEM-907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Omron HEM-907 IntelliSense™ Professional digital blood pressure monitor is clinically validated for accuracy. It is designed for clinical use in professional settings for general practitioners, hospitals and other medical professionals.


The Omron HEM-907 incorporates four unique operation modes.
1)Single mode for one measurement
2)average mode for an average of 2 or 3 measurements
3)manual mode for auscultation method and
4)check mode (for comparison of pressure settings between the Omron HEM-907 and a sphygmomanometer).
The device is an easy to use, safe and accurate alternative to a sphygmomanometer (Mercury aneroid device).
Features: Automatic cuff inflation and deflation eliminates the need to predetermine inflation level setting. Average mode measures up to three readings and returns the average of total, for a more accurate measurement.
Accuracy Pressure - Within +/- 4mmHg
Pulse Rate: within +/- 5% of reading
Measurement Range - Pressure: 0 to 299mmHg
Measurement Range -Pulse Rate: 30 to 199 beats per minute
External dimensions - approx 139 x 203 x 131mm
Accuracy and precision are complying with AAMI standards.
Inflation - Automatic inflation pump
Deflation - Automatic deflation by electromagnetic control valve
Air Release - Automatic rapid air release by electromagnetic control valve
Pressure detection - Electrostatic capacity semi-conductor pressure sensor
Electric shock protection - Class IIB type Quiet operating system, ideal for clinical environment Environmentally friendly - no mercury, latex-free cuff bladder
Accessories include small, medium and large cuff, small, medium and large bladder, AC adapter, air tube 1.0m, air tube 1.3m, and an instruction manual.
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