Nutra-Life Carb Lite Gold Chocolate 500g

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Nutralife Carb Lite Gold Chocolate helps to curb your appetite by making you feel fuller for long and satisfies the regular protein requirement.

             Low carbohydrate nutritional shake with 99 calories per serve. This nutritional shake is high in quality natural whey protein, sourced from growth hormone free cows, fed a diet that includes rich, green New Zealand pasture.Also low in carbohydrates, this formula supports those seeking to limit caloric intake by providing 99 calories per serve, when mixed with water.This formulation contains essential macro and micronutrients, including minerals and b-complex vitamins, to support a balanced diet and encourage weight management through nutrition. With the added benefits of Super Citrimax®, a patented natural plant extract, Nutra-Life Carb Lite GOLD is the ideal snack to support your low carb weight management programme. Each 25g serves of Nutra-Life Carb Lite GOLD provides 17g of protein.
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