NIZORAL Shampoo 1% Blue 100ml

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Try the best resulted product NIZORAL Shampoo 1% Blue 100ml for relief from dandruff and get good results in no time and avail faster delivery at our online Store.

NIZORAL Spoo 1% Blue 100ml: NIZORAL Shampoo 1% Blue 100ml, buy online here and which as the fastest delivery . There are many thoughts on what causes dandruff. There is however, only one real answer. It is now known that dandruff is primarily caused by a fungus known as Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale). Scientists may also call it malassezia furfur. Before you recoil in disbelief, you should know that this fungus is a naturally occurring organism found on everybody’s scalp and in most cases poses no problem at all. Ingredients Contains Ketoconazole 1% Most active ingredients found in other dandruff shampoos lack the ability to bind with the keratin found in your hair. 
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