MITA Scalp Massager (Grey Octagon Comb)

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MITA Scalp Massager (Grey Round Comb) is the good comb which helps you to comb your hair good and also massages your scalp good . Buy MITA Scalp Massager (Grey Round Comb) online here

MITA CO2016BK Scalp Massager Mita Scalp Massager - Grey round comb for stimulating the scalp and removing tangles . The bristles of this brush are rounded which massage the scalp and that feels quite relaxing, but like I said earlier, you will have to apply a little pressure. It doesn’t detangle my hair as such. It does make my hair a little more straight but nothing extraordinary. If you have dry and frizzy hair, don’t expect any magic as such. Now, comes the cleaning part. Oh, I can’t tell you, it is such a headache to clean this brush. The bed of this brush has grid like texture and is white in colour whereas the bristles are light beige in colour. So, the brush, especially the bristles get dirty pretty soon. Since both the bed and bristles are light in colour, it takes a lot of time to clean the brush thoroughly.

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