IMODIUM Zapid 2mg 12

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IMODIUM Zapid 2mg 12 are the Diarrhoea Relief Tablets 12s known as best Diarrhoea Relief Tablets . buy IMODIUM Zapid 2mg 12 online here

Imodium Zapid 2mg :: Diarrhoea Relief Tablets 12s Effective relief of diarrhoea. Tablets dissolve fast in the mouth without water. Treat diarrhoea to shorten the duration, reduce frequency of bowel movements and lessen discomfort. Works to calm the digestive system and helps in restoring the body's natural rhythm instantly. enefit Convenient and discreet relief Melts on the tongue in seconds No water needed Usage Perfect for on the go, when you need a quick and easy solution to treat your diarrhoea Dosage 2 tablets initially, followed by 1 tablet after each loose unformed stool as needed. Maximum of 8 tablets per day

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