Good Health Skin Hair & Nails 500ml

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GoodHealth Skin Hair & Nails contains blood orange and beetroot powders, with lemon flavor, which is used for good healthy skin, hair & nails. It protects cells against free radical damage.

Good Health Skin Hair & Nails is a complete high strength, liquid formula containing a unique combination of essential nutrients required by the body. It supports naturally healthy skin, hair and nails. silica and vitamin C promote collagen production necessary for the development of healthy skin, strong, lustrous hair and strong nails. Contains Blood Orange and Beetroot powders, which makes it high in natural antioxidants to protect cells against free radical damage. 
No artificial colours, Flavours or sweeteners are used. One of the best hair loss treatment products trusted by millions.
Stretch marks
Lack of skin elasticity
Thin and fragile skin
Wrinkles and sun-damaged skin
Slow healing wounds
Poor hair condition; split ends, brittle hair
Thinning hair and slow hair growth
Weak or brittle nails that easily break, split or peel.
Ingredients (per 10mL dose):  
Silica-Colloidal 350mg
Providing Silicon 164mg
Vitamin C 200mg
With Blood Orange and Beetroot powders  
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