GO Healthy Go Bee Pollen 550mg 180 VegiCaps

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GO Healthy Go Bee Pollen 550mg VegiCapsĀ is a one of its kind product mixing the health benefits of plant nectar, pollen and even bee saliva. It boasts of having only Bee Pollen that is 100% pure and natural.



Go Healthy is the first in New Zealand to offer high quality supplements in VegeCapsules and unique 1-A Day dosages. Go Healthy lets you feel your best with its natural health products made from the best NZ ingredients. From Mother Nature comes the all natural Go Healthy Go Bee Pollen! GO Healthy Go Bee Pollen 550mg VegiCaps saves you the hassle of finding the bees’ honey pot and delivers bee pollen-packed supplements in every capsule. Full of the essential ingredients found in bee pollen, it delivers premium nutrients for improving your health. Comprised of 10% to 15% protein, bee pollen is full of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins B-complex and C, minerals such as calcium, copper and iron, enzymes and sugars. 


Due to its rich nutrient component and active enzymes, bee pollen has an antimicrobial property. It also has an immune-boost function, beneficial for fighting allergies. Finally, bee pollen may also facilitate anti-depressive effects and helps beat fatigue and stress.


Why supplement with GO Healthy Go Bee Pollen?


  • Helps promote overall wellness
  • Provides key vitamins and minerals
  • Uses only natural ingredients from Bee Pollen
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