FESS Childrens Nasal Spray 20ml

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FESS Childrens Nasal Spray is a Saline Nasal Spray for kids to sooth nasal decongestion. It also washes away dirt and pollen and clears and soothes dry nasal passages. Buy this cold, flu and allergy medicine online here.

FESS Childrens Nasal Spray relieves congestion caused by inflamed sinus and nasal cavities, promoting nasal health. Children’s FESS washes away dust, pollen and other allergens and helps clear your child’s nose. FESS is also ideal for use before medicated nasal sprays including antihistamines and steroids. FESS clears the thick mucus allowing the medication to effectively penetrate the mucous membrane. 
Active Ingredients: 
Purified seawater Nasal Spray Equiv. 9mg/ml Sodium chloride. 
2-3 sprays per nostril as needed. 
Remember to always use as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
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