DIFFUSER Rose 100ml

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DIFFUSER Rose 100ml keeps your home smelling fresh and wonderful. It is the best diffuser available at our store. This air diffuser refreshes your mood with a sweet rose fragrance all around. Buy DIFFUSER Rose 100ml online here

DIFFUSER Rose 100ml:
Keep your home smelling fresh and wonderful with a Durance diffuser. It comes with natural Rose scents. Make an everlasting impression of your home with this beautiful, Rose Diffuser. It will convert your living space into a bouquet of flowers with soft, feminine, delicate notes.This decorative and easy-to-use diffuser also includes bamboo reeds which should be placed inside the diffuser to bring out gorgeous bursts of fragrance. On its first use, insert all the reeds into the oil mixture. After couple of hours, the reeds will soak all the fragrance into it. The product lasts for more than 3 months. To maximize your diffuser fragrance, turn the reeds around and release beautiful bursts of fragrance
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