DAKTARIN Oral Gel 40g

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DAKTARIN Oral Gel 40g is medicine used for fungal infection inside mouth . It cures you from all oral fungal infections . Buy DAKTARIN Oral Gel 40g online here , known for fungal relief in mouth for children .
DAKTARIN Oral Gel 40g : If you are giving gel to infants and young children the measured dose should be given in small amounts placed in the front of the mouth. Do not give whole amount at once. Do not put the gel in the back of the mouth. This is to make sure that the throat does not become blocked by the gel. Buy DAKTARIN oral gel online here Ingredients Each gram contains: Miconazole 20 mg Also contains saccarin sodium Directions Adults and children: Half 1/2 a spoonful four times a day. Infants(under 1 year): One quarter 1/4 of a spoonful four times a day. After you have finished eating, drop the measured amount of gel on to the tongue and keep it in the mouth for as long as possible before swallowing. The gel is sticky to make sure it stays in the mouth as long as possible. Warnings The nozzle of the Daktarin oral gel tube is protected by a metal tamper-resistant seal. Do not use this product if the seal has been punctured or is not visible. Return package to place of purchase.
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