Clean Lean Protein Chocolate 1kg

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It Helps you Feel Full and is Very Low in Fat and Carbohydrates weight-1 kg
Clean Lean Protein Chocolate 1kg The official Recommended Daily Allowance of protein is 48 grams per day for most women and 65 grams for most men (more if you are over 70 years). However, recent studies show that the optimal protein level for humans is one gram for every kilo of body weight – more if you are in active sports. One serve (25 grams) of Just Natural Clean Lean Protein provides 23 grams of protein. Take one or more servings of NuZest Clean Lean Protein per day, any time of the day. Add 2 scoops (25g) to your choice of milk, low fat yoghurt or just water. Or blend into a delicious smoothie with your favourite fruits and veggies. You can even bake Clean Lean Protein in cakes and biscuits.
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