USL All Purpose First Aid Kit

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USL All-Purpose First Aid Kit combines all the essential first aid material you will require in case of a medical emergency while you are travelling. Buy this first aid kit in Australia online here.
USL All Purpose First Aid Kit is a must to be carried everywhere.
First Aid Soft Bag Medium x 1
First Aid Scissors Stainless 12.5cm S/B x 1
First Aid Forcep 12.5cm S/S x 1
First Aid Notebook & Pencil x 1
First Aid Information Card x 1
Paper Tape 12mm x 1
Wound Cleansing Wipes x 2
Triangular Bandage Disposable x 1
Accident Blanket x 1
Dermaplast Assorted Plasters 40/pkt x 1
Dermaplast Dressing Strip 6cm x 1m x 1
CPR Face Shield x 1
Gloves x 2
Non Adherent Pad 5cm x 7.5cm x 1
Non Adherent Pad 10cm x 7.5cm x 2
Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm 2’s x 1
Saline Solution 20mls x 2
Island Dressing 6cm x 10cm x 1
Island Dressing 5cm x 7.2cm x 1
Conforming Bandage 5cm x 1
Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 1.5m x 1
Splinter Probe 5’s x 1
Safety Pins 12’s x 1
Wound Dressing BPC No 14 x 1
Combine Dressing 10cm x 10cm x 1
Skin Closure 3mm x 76mm 5/pkt x 1
Eye Pads Sterile x 1
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