GILLETTE Blue II Plus Pivot 5s

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Wear this talcum powder over  for floral fresh fragrance throughout the day. Also has a touch of  aldehydes and musk fragrances in it. Buy this product from our site before the stock ends.

GILLETTE Blue II Plus Pivot 5s: It’s a five pack disposable razor ideal for travelling. It has the  same comfort and ease as that of the traditional system razors. Twin Gillette Comfort Blades are  designed super fine and sharp for an extraordinarily comfortable shave. Each cartridge is coated  with a lubricating strip, vitamin E, and aloe for irritation free shaving results. Directions: Wet your face and neck with warm water. A good quality shaving gel is  recommended to protect your skin. Make light and gentle strokes while shaving. After shaving, rinse your face and neck well with cool water and pat it dry. Warnings and Disclaimers: For external use. Keep it out from reach of children. 
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