Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap

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Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap helps to keep your injured wrist firm and support it while recuperating from fractures, injuries, etc. Buy first aid kits in Australia online here.
The Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap is used to provide support for injured or weak wrists and is suitable for use within 72 hours of an acute injury (unlike thermal supports). This wrist support features an adjustable velcro strap to promote user comfort and features a universal design so that the wrap can be used on either hand. It is suitable for wrist strains and sprains and is “One Size Fits Most.” 
Key Features and Benefits:
Stretch material provides even compression to reduce swelling • Ventilated knit promotes comfort • Adjustable velcro strap enhances flexibility of fit • One size fits most • Does not inhibit range of movement. 
How to Wear: 
1. Place thumb through the hole.
2. Wrap the piece around the outside of your hand/wrist area.
3. Fasten the velcro to secure the wrap.
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