BUTACORT AQ Spray 50mcg 10ml

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*Please contact a pharmacist if you are not sure about this product. If side effects are persistent contact your pharmacist or doctor. Are there any warnings or precautions? Do not use Butacort if you: Have sinus or nasal infections Reoccurring bleeding noses After under 12 years of age (unless otherwise specified by your doctor or pharmacist) You have an allergy to budesonide Consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking butacourt if you are: Pregnant or breastfeeding Taking any other corticosteroid medication have recently has nasal surgery. Stop using Butacort if you experience eye pain or visual disturbances Symptoms of infection including fever, nose bleeds, swelling, facial pain, discharge or pus. If symptoms do not improve within 7 days Do not exceed the maximum number forsprays each day. Do not use this product for more than 6 months continuously.

Butacort is a generic version of Rhinocort. It is a hay fever and allergy nasal spray containing Budesonide. It works to prevent and treat the symptoms of seasonal, environmental allergens and hayfever. This Pharmacy Only Medicine is Available without prescription from New Zealand Pharmacies. We offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on this product. This product works best if you start taking it a few days before being exposed to hayfever and allergens. What are the ingredients? Budesonide 50mcg Other brands with this main ingredient? Rhinocort What is the Dosage? 200 sprays in every bottle Adults and children over 12 - 1. One-two sprays into each nostril twice a day 2. After 2-3 days - one spray into each nostril. Butacort is not intended to give you instant relief. It make take a few days to build up and get the full effect so it is important to use it regularly. Are there any side effects? Sneezing after spraying Slight blood secretion in mucous. Itching of the nose, throat and ears Dry mouth Sore throat Strong smell of the spray

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