Buccaline Berna Oral Vaccine 7s

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Buccaline Berna Oral Vaccine are vaccines from natural sources that help in building body’s defecne mechanism to fight against harmful infections.
Buccaline Berna Oral Vaccine is a comprehensive cold and chill fighting vaccine consisting of the bacterial strains, namely Haemophilus influenza, pneumococci (I, II, III), Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus. This unique blend of bacterial strains provides the body with strong immunity against colds, illnesses, ailments and upper respiratory tract infections. The vaccine is effective in preventing cold complications and bacterial infections like prophylaxis. Uses – Actions Buccaline Berna Oral Vaccine is an oral application consisting of inactivated whole cells. The bacteria it contains are the pathogens typically found in chills and colds. Through this, the immunocompetent lymphocytes are induced by the bacterial surface antigens found in Buccaline to undergo differentiation and maturation. Uses – Pharmacokinetics Buccaline Berna Oral Vaccine offers a gastric juice resistant tablet coating. Upon reaching the small intestine, the bacterial antigens found in the tablet are engulfed by the macrophages in a process known as phagocytosis. Then, the bacterial antigens pass through the reticuloendothelial tissue and induce the immune system to develop a systemic, specific immunity.
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