Boston Advance Cleaner 120ML

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Boston Advance Cleaner provides complete conditioning for rigid gas permeable and hard contact lenses. Buy this eye care product online here.
Keep your lenses clean and comfortable with Boston Advance Cleaner. Use daily to remove protein, lipids, accumulated film and debris from rigid gas permeable and hard contact lenses. Not for use with soft lenses. Boston ADVANCE™ Comfort formula conditioning solution contains a unique preservative and wetting system designed to enhance lens performance and provide you with improved comfort. Boston ADVANCE Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution has been reformulated with patented biocompatible ingredients to lengthen lens wettability and reduce deposit formation. While you may experience some slight blurring upon initial insertion, you may find it will provide longer, more comfortable wear for your rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Not for use with soft contact lenses.
Hazards and Cautions: 
Do not use directly in the eye.


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