Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate Complex 1000mg 200 Tablets

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Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate Complex is a supplement that facilitates in easing out any discomfort, inflammation of joints. It provides support from wear and tear of joints.

Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate Complex contains a special formulation incorporating the scientifically-proven form of glucosamine. The supplement works to ease discomfort and improve mobility of the joints for the best possible joint health.
Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate Complex Health Advantages:
Consists of a scientifically-proven form of glucosamine- glucosamine sulphate sodium chloride
Promotes good joint and cartilage health
Provides support during wear and tear
Helps stimulate the formation of cartilage and contribute to cartilage repair
Its health action and function:
Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate Complex delivers glucosamine sulfate important for the formation of cartilage. Cartilage provides a shock-absorbing property to joints to protect it from damage and support freedom in movement. Additionally, it helps maintain healthy cartilage matrix and nourish the synovial fluid to promote fluidity in the joints.
Glucosamine is also needed for the synthesis of cartilage building blocks termed as aggrecans. These units of cartilage structure render it a flexible and stronger property.
Adults – Take 2 easy swallow tablets once a day with a meal or as professionally prescribed. 
Children under 12 years – Only as professionally prescribed.
Active Ingredient per Capsule:
Glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride complex Equivalent to glucosamine sulfate 750 mg = 1 g (1000 mg) 
White, vanilla flavored tablet with easy-to-swallow coating.
* Glucosamine is derived from seafood. Not recommended for people with seafood allergies.
* Contains approximately 166 mg sodium per daily dose
Consult your healthcare professional before use if taking warfarin.
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