BATH HAUS Soap 150g

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Buy BATH HAUS Soap 150g for a soap made purely of glycerine and cucumber. Soothe and moisturize  with the unique fragrance of Bath Haus. 
BATH HAUS Soap 150g:
A vegetable based soap made with 97% natural ingredients, and a unique  blend of extracts. Glycerine ­ soothes and moisturises.150g Cucumber which is a  natural astringent with anti­inflammatory and skin­tightening properties.The Bergamot & Amber Collection ­ Refreshing &  Revitalising Make a difference to the skin's look, feel and general well­being, with high levels of pure  natural ingredients in each formulation with an aromatic blend of mandarin, bergamot and amber to leave  you feeling clean, toned and refreshed. Bath House is based in the heart of Cumbria.The company has been creating its own unique fragrances since 1997 and supplies many of the best independent retailers throughout the UK ­ 'Our ethos is to always strive
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